Born in 1962, in the vibrant city of Beirut, Lebanon, Greg Krikor Duzian, "Koko" for short, embarked on a remarkable journey that led him to the United States with his family in 1972. Immersed in the family apparel industry from an early age, Koko's heart was drawn to the world of art as he grew up in Pasadena, attending school and assisting the family apparel manufacturing business.

The late 1980s marked a pivotal turning point for him, as he delved headfirst into the world of denim and wet processes, skillfully infusing artistry into apparel. With an insatiable passion for creativity, he found himself sketching and painting on every available surface, be it materials, boards, brushes, or paints.

Despite lacking formal art education, around 2010, Koko embraced a more consistent painting routine when he moved into his cozy loft in Los Angeles. As friends and family caught sight of his masterpieces, they urged him to exhibit in galleries. However, Koko's genuine love for his art led him to cherish his creations, amassing a private collection while tirelessly producing more.

But now, in the enchanting year of 2023, Koko decides that it's time to share his artistic marvels with the world. He opens his heart to the public, allowing them to discover and interpret his works for themselves, knowing that his true fulfillment lies in spreading joy through art. Embracing this new chapter, Koko's talent and passion blossom, and his artwork becomes a source of inspiration and happiness for all who encounter it. With a beaming smile and a heart full of contentment, his journey as an artist takes flight, creating a happy ending to a tale of unyielding passion and creativity.